Apples and Onions

Why Not Both?

an apple a day

Why is it, that multitudes of people have heard the saying "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." yet have not heard: "Two onions a day, may blow all ills away."  Admittedly, I can think of several reasons, yet...

Apples and onions are both wonderful natural sources of quercetin (a great fighter of the bad and worker for the good in our bodies).  Apples and onions are delicious together; consequently, apple-with-onion recipes abound.

apples and onions mid line

An amazing site, connects to apple-with-onion salads, apple-with-onion desserts, plus!

apples and onions mid line

For fun and thought-starters, consider watching our 30-secod video introducing the as yet unfamiliar, yet potentially profound, onion saying:  Attention Onion Lovers (and haters)


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