Art Beyond the ‘Art of Cooking’

Mind Tricks

art of cooking onion colors

In a moment... Click on the following link. Examine the scope of the page to your heart's content. Then, temporarily tune out all of it except the featured photo. For me, such a double-take came automatically. One part of my mind registered mouth-watering, wonderfully-seasoned, well-grilled onion slices. Another part of my brain… Well, you try it.   

Grilled Onions

art of cooking onion colors

Now, compare your thoughts with mine. The other part of my mind first registered handcrafted jewelry, then … other things! Automatically, anything semi-questionable in "positivity" dropped out of the picture and the mouth-watering, wonderfully-seasoned, carefully-grilled thoughts dominated. Fascinating!  Can YOU relate to the "art beyond the art of cooking"?

art of cooking mid borderThose of you not 'aluminum-foil-shy' or 'cow-milk-cringers' will surely love creating your own beautiful, yummy presentations using this recipe. The mix of both purple and yellow onions adds to the creativity, wouldn’t you say?
art of cooking end border

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