Avocado & Beyond


avocadoLet's say you have several left-over raw onion ringlets and a left-over section of avocado.  Neat!  THE ONION CAN PRESERVE THE AVOCADO.


If you aren't surprised...  GOOD FOR YOU!

avocado borderNow...
Let's say you have left-over avocado, but no left-over onion;
you do have a tiny unpeeled onion.  Hmmm.

Let's say the only onions you have available are medium-sized?
Decisions.  Decisions.

avocado border

This brings to mind...  ONION SIZE CHOICES

When you shop, do you (when possible) purchase several exceptionally small onions for a quick raw one-person meal addition (or whatever)?  Do you choose mostly medium onions for optimum quercetin content?  Do you choose large onions to use on busy days when large portions need prepared?

onion sizes

I tend to avoid large onions because they are not as easily manageable.  For example, large onions often need diced via cutting board and a second knife.  Medium-sized onion can (usually) be diced sufficiently well on a plate without my losing grasp of the yet uncut portions. Then again, I rarely trust myself with a very sharp knife.

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