Can You Imagine?

Fresh and Raw or Not at All

Can you imagine?
Neither can I.
Yet, there ARE considerations.

green onions in the sky

What if allowing 7-12 minutes before eating (or heating) a cut onion allows its anticancer properties to better engage? 

a what if line

What if overcooking an onion deactivates its phytonutrients? 

a what if line

What if cooking an onion at a high temperature destroys many of its enzymes?

a what if line

What if you eat many of your onions fresh and raw?

raw veggie living

little sunshine onion  Any which way, ONIONS ARE WONDROUS.

Now, as to other foods  (or so-called foods)  we may eat, caution is truly warranted.  Everything we eat, promotes health, or promotes disease.  Really, there is no middle area.    (a day-to-day thought)



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