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Examine the photo.  Compare.

The four items are similar in what three or more ways?
The items differ in what three or more ways?

onion comparrison 2

compare line

By the way... Can you, in complete confidence, name each food?

compare line

Now, compare what you see in the photo below with how you usually think of the sky.

sky to compare

onion jokes headerOnion Modified Commonly Posted Question/Answer Jokes

  1. How do you keep from ‘crying’ when peeling an onion?
  2. How many onions do you need to make soup?
  3. Waiter, will my onion rings be long?
  4. Why did the onion lie down for a rest?
  5. A helper at the farmer’s market is 5’ 4” tall.  What does she weigh?
  6. If there are 3 onions and you take away 2, how many do you have?

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