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Noteworthy Veggie Cutting Gadgets

Hopefully by now you will have watched the clever Chef Michael Smith videos about kitchen knives and cutting boards.  Hopefully by now you are developing cutting techniques that work well.  Two new ideas have come to my attention.

First, check out this video of a rather amazing, though simplistic, veggie cutting gadget... skillfully operated.

You have watched the video, right?
You're thinking of making your own, right?
You will be very very very very VERY careful.  Right!

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A Taste-Testing Adventure

Have you read about our "Like-Apple Pie"? The developers of that recipe have plunged deeper into new territory.

Picture blonde brownie batter ... with cooked onions added.  Why not! Picture a cream cheese frosting ... with diced raw onions added.  Why not! 

One of my five taste-testers would have been happier without the raw onions. Four reported the combinations: "REALLY GOOD!"

blonde brownie batter  baked blonde brownie  blonde brownie frosted

Moving on...  Our five adventurers – each a lovers of ice cream – ate some ice cream topped with caramelized onions and some ice cream topped with raw onions.  Somehow I had imagined trying it with vanilla ice cream.  Not so!  ...continue reading

That onions are a versatile food choice...  Many people totally agree.
That onions are Household-Wonder-Workers...  Many people are totally oblivious.

How informed are YOU?

Quite an array of unusual uses for 'humble' onions can be found when one searches the thought.  All are worth considering.  Following, are thought starters.  You will need to follow the links or explore on your own to obtain the 'how' details.

Let's begin with ways onions can be used as natural medicines in our homes.

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About Your Cutting Board

Is it a wooden board?  Is it a glass board?  Is it a plastic board?  Why is it what it is.  That is, why do you have that board?  For example, did your cutting board arrive in your kitchen as a gift, or did it arrive via an informed choice?

Maybe you are noticing that the board in the photo is not wooden.  The video will explain.

A while back, I discovered a Chef Michael Smith video – an excellent video about cutting an onion and the knife itself – on Vimeo.  More recently, I discovered this video – another winner – on YouTube.

too silly image


Each X marks a spot where onions might help. 


True, thousands of X's are missing.        


Eat them.  Yes, eat onions.

Most of us desire to glow, in one manner or another.  Imagine a glow that begins on the inside, radiates to the outside, and is topped by a satisfaction resulting from "Delicious!"  By the way, if you have not previously browsed our Onion Orbit page, maybe now would be a good time for you to visit The Composition Positives.

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How decoratively displayed are your meals? 

violet - one of the edible flowersSweet, wild VIOLETS offer beauty and nutritional benefits to meals.  DANDELIONS.  The same.  ROSES.  The same.  Happy are those who not only are aware of these facts, but also actively pursue landing some flowers on their plates.  Edible flowers abound.  Eating them freshly picked best satisfies some individuals, yet interesting cooking options are in no short supply.

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Your Knife Choice Itself, Plays a Key Role!

knives available for onion choppingonion chopping borderHave you noticed that there are onion chopping videos galore?
Have you learned anything significant from watching any of them?

In the video below, I learned something that had escaped my attention for years!
Maybe YOU are familiar with the value of knives with "dimples" (divots)?

Enjoy! (that info, and more)

onion chopping borderFood Country videos featuring Chef Michael Smith abound.
They tend to be very interesting, very informative.

There was one point in the video above where an audible "Yes!" escaped my lips.
Did YOU experience such a moment?

How do you do!    How - do - you - do ????

Recent studies continue to show that nutrition (what we eat) may (for example) help those who have experienced asthma attacks. Onions (as many other natural foods) help our bodies minimize inflammations. Natural sulfur compounds, activated by slicing an onion, are many times able to prevent the chain of chemicals that tend to lead to asthma attacks.



What if a person has asthma issues, but has an aversion to eating onions?

Which is worse – an asthma attack or an onion?

(not that onions help ALL individuals...yet nothing ventured, nothing gained)

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Quality Sleep Prevents Many Health Problems

quality sleep image

Once Again, Think Onion

onion slices as sleep aids

Are you familiar with the Onion Jar Insomnia Cure?
Are you interested in the science of it?
(No worry; it's a short, easy-to-read version.)


(Type “onion” into the site search; you'll discover much of probable interest.)

sleep bottom border

[update in the Baby Food post ... about a BABY'S sleep]