Treasury Of Onion Tidbits
links to fun onion activity sites, onion stories, onion history…and other onion-related odds/ends

How natural is your lifestyle?
Does the term “heirloom” hold an appeal’?
Are you familiar with Phil Nauta, the Smiling Gardener – organic all the way?

Several years ago, my semi-natural lifestyle led me to the Smiling Gardener.
Several months ago he, thus, introduced me to Heirloom Food Stories.
The first story: “The Onion”.

Gina Lorubbio, the author of “The Onion: Slow and Steady Brings Out Sweetness” – in one page – accomplishes much of what I have been attempting for several years.

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In Celebration of Two Years of...


...An Onion ABC Approach to an  Overview

Onion Attention: Onion Lovers (and haters)


Onion Bigger bulbs are not always better bulbs.


Onion Cousins.  Onions have them.


Our website has one.


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Threads of Onion; Threads of Poetry

Are you vegetarian?  I am vegetarian… maybe one meal out of fifty.  Yet, early in this “mindset onions” venture, a grand vegetarian website began to tantalize my senses.  Sure, the initial draw was the page dedicated to onion – oodles of onion thought-starters.  Soon, the style of the wording began to catch my attention.  Notice, for example, this seemingly simple statement:

“How delightful is the addition of half-moon slices of sweet onions to a salad of crisp mixed greens!”

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Yes, Perspective!

A while back, while browsing 'onion this' and 'onion that', one blog post grabbed my attention.   I pondered: "Is this simply for me?  Is this something fitting to share?"  Meanwhile, friends, family, and I have been creating short onion videos.  The word 'mindset' has come much into play.  That being the case, how could I further keep from sharing that post!  So, here, in the overflow category, is the link.  If you opt to follow the link, you will discover both down-to-earth onion-related portions and food-for-thought onion-related portions.  Ah, perspective!

perspective mid border

The link:


perspective mid border

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Excess Baggage?

ONIONS: natural wonder vegetable gifts of distinctionexcess baggage in question image

It is natural to be curious and wonder about things in the natural, such as vegetables. Vegetables are so special that we consider them to be gifts. Picture your life without them – to better appreciate the gift. Oft times one reads about gifts of distinction. The more you discover about onions, the better you will understand the profound nature of this distinction. The more one discovers about onions (as with many vegetables), the more he or she wonders – now an AWESOME wonder.

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For who knows how long, the French province of Brittany has grown pink onions. Early in the early 1800’s an enterprising Frenchman sailed over to England to widen his market. Hearing of his success, others followed. Both the French pink onions and the French onion peddlers became a treat in rural Britain. Essentially, the onions proved delightful. Nevertheless, those French peddlers, laden with the plaited onion tresses also added a bit of spice to the lives of many an Englishman. ...continue reading

So Simple, So Sweet 

swirl metaphor image

An Onion Metaphor

Don’t allow the word "metaphor" to alarm (or bore) you. Remember...  A metaphor is a figure of speech that identifies something as being the same as some unrelated thing for rhetorical effect, thus highlighting the similarities between the two. Remember...  Rhetorical means that it is expressed in such a manner as to make a statement or produce an effect.

Therefore, allow this title and its link intrigue (and challenge) you.

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