Expanding Horizons

A Taste-Testing Adventure

Have you read about our "Like-Apple Pie"? The developers of that recipe have plunged deeper into new territory.

Picture blonde brownie batter ... with cooked onions added.  Why not! Picture a cream cheese frosting ... with diced raw onions added.  Why not! 

One of my five taste-testers would have been happier without the raw onions. Four reported the combinations: "REALLY GOOD!"

blonde brownie batter  baked blonde brownie  blonde brownie frosted

Moving on...  Our five adventurers – each a lovers of ice cream – ate some ice cream topped with caramelized onions and some ice cream topped with raw onions.  Somehow I had imagined trying it with vanilla ice cream.  Not so!  

Somehow, I didn't imagine any of them would like the raw onion topping; however, responses ranged: "Didn't like it much."  "It was okay."  "Not altogether bad, but I think it would be an acquired taste." "Fun and unique." "Onions and chocolate ice cream go good together." 

What about the caramelized onions as a topping?  One taste-tester still felt it would need to be an acquired taste.  The others truly liked the combination.  One may add caramelized onions to her ice cream topping list!

raw and ice cream  carmalized and ice cream

The adventure continued: «Bananas»  «Tahini»  «Chocolate»

adventures continue

They continued...but surely these ideas are sufficient for thought-starters.

Generally, the sweetness of the caramelized onions was preferable over the sweetness of the raw onions which retain their "bite". 

One thoughtful taste-tester, at one point in the explorations, did mention raw onions being okay IF BALANCED with the paired food.

caramelized imageMost of you are fully aware that "caramelized" onions (in most cases) have ZERO added sweetener.  For the rest of us... 

"Caramelized" describes onion slices slowly cooked past the watery stage ... cooked until the natural sugars of the onion sink to the bottom of the pan, turn brown, and (with a pinch of added liquid) are stirred back into the slices.

·Basic "How To" Caramelize

·Basics With Additions 

·How To Avoid Common Mistakes

caramelized end image



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