Green Beans

Green Beans!

geralt pixabay image in Green Beans

For months now I've been living EVERYTHING ONIONS, and it's been fascinating.  I'm beginning to wonder if one of you readers may think, "I can do that!  I can make a website about __________ !"  Likely, you can.  Likely, you can do it better!  Maybe the objects of your focus will be green beans!  You might include everything from recollections of  'end snapping parties' with your siblings, to who knows what, for starters, and then explore for more.

If the object of your focus is a fruit or a vegetable, you will probably make some discoveries such as these beauties.


Have you ever seen WallMonkeys peel and stick graphics.  If not, bask now!

For WallMonkeys graphics featuring possibly any subject you can imagine:


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