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  1. Ms Romero

    Dear Ms. Romero
    I read your nice demonstration on preserving cut avocado. There is a good chemical explaination for the effect of onion. It is not their acidity but production of the lachrymator, propanethial-S-oxide. This molecule covalently attaches to proteins and can inactivate classes of enzymes, including those responsible for avocado browning.
    R Verret,
    Professor of Biochemistry,
    Xavier University of Louisiana

    1. Lillian


      Post author

      Sir, in appreciation of your detailed contribution, I gladly accept your comment. Truly, I am not Jo Romero, but simply an admirer of her work. I only link to her work. I will try my best (though social media tends to be somewhat beyond my scope) to contact Ms. Romero to share the information directly with her.


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