Onion Hands

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Onion Hands?

In many countries the sign of a fabulous cook is the aroma of their hands.

For those who prefer to REMOVE onion "odor", we offer three options.

• Rub your hands upon stainless steel, say a bowl or a spoon, in cold running water.  (Odor bars use this concept.)

• Wash your hands with a natural citrus soap.  (Various choices are available.)

• Wash your hands in water with lemon juice squeezed into it.

visualizing lemons


Lemon juice takes a little more effort, but once you have cut into a fresh lemon... EXPLORE!  Lemon adds a delicious touch to many recipes and provides added refreshment and nutrients to your drinking water.

As to onion odor...Even if your MIND registers "Uggh, odor!"...instead of "Mmmm, aroma!"...your BODY may be gaining health benefits.

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