Onion Tea

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What Is Onion Tea?

Onion tea is a nourishing choice, no matter what your state of health.
Onion tea is pleasantly (surprisingly) mild-tasting.
And, yes, onion tea is onion water.

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How Is Onion Tea Brewed?

Add a small peeled and diced onion to two cups of recently boiled hot water.  Steep the onions 20 minutes or until they cool.  Your preference.  Strain out the onions; eat them if you’re hungry, though part of the nutrients are now in the water.

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Who Drinks Onion Tea?

I drink onion tea!
Don't you?

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If an individual is actually suffering (from a burning sensation during urination), along with whatever other help-choice, serve this onion water.  If relief is not experienced using that proportion, try a second dose, this time using a medium-sized onion in your two cups of water.

This same onion water (onion tea of a sort) is also said to be helpful for the condition of urinary hesitancy.  One would drink the water on a regular and on-going basis.

 An alternate method of brewing onion tea exists.  This tea is rich golden-brown and packed with nutrients.  Maybe you can guess how it is brewed!  If not, keep browsing.  It's a treasure.

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