Yes, Perspective!

A while back, while browsing 'onion this' and 'onion that', one blog post grabbed my attention.   I pondered: "Is this simply for me?  Is this something fitting to share?"  Meanwhile, friends, family, and I have been creating short onion videos.  The word 'mindset' has come much into play.  That being the case, how could I further keep from sharing that post!  So, here, in the overflow category, is the link.  If you opt to follow the link, you will discover both down-to-earth onion-related portions and food-for-thought onion-related portions.  Ah, perspective!

perspective mid border

The link:

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perspective White77 pixabay image
Perspectives vary, individual to individual. Positive mindsets "help smooth wrinkles".

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The shortest of our short videos spans 16 seconds!

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