Hello Dear Readers,

    Likely, if you are age twenty or under, I am older than your grandmother.  Truly, as you might surmise, I am not computer savvy.  Fortunately, my ever-patient though already super-busy family handles anything/everything website technical.  Though my style certainly would not be their style, they generously accommodate each whim.

    Beginning in 2008, we launched minds full of music – a far cry from minds full of onions – or not? Minds/music resulted from a keen interest in music’s wonderful potential for positivity.  Minds/onions resulted from a keen interest in an onion’s wonderful potential for positivity.  (GRIN)

     If you find yourself  ever-searching for upbeat, thought-filled reading, music, and video selections, visit inspire4.com from time to time.

                                                                      Love from Lillian

little sunshine onion

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