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A Taste-Testing Adventure

Have you read about our "Like-Apple Pie"? The developers of that recipe have plunged deeper into new territory.

Picture blonde brownie batter ... with cooked onions added.  Why not! Picture a cream cheese frosting ... with diced raw onions added.  Why not! 

One of my five taste-testers would have been happier without the raw onions. Four reported the combinations: "REALLY GOOD!"

blonde brownie batter  baked blonde brownie  blonde brownie frosted

Moving on...  Our five adventurers – each a lovers of ice cream – ate some ice cream topped with caramelized onions and some ice cream topped with raw onions.  Somehow I had imagined trying it with vanilla ice cream.  Not so!  ...continue reading

Guess first.  Discover next.  discover typical onion facts



  1. Does an onion float in water?
  2. What happens when a whole, unpeeled onion is frozen then thawed?


I discovered something interesting during the frozen onion experiment.
 It takes a bit of imagination, but you, too, may make the discovery.
 Possibly, later, in a separate category I will mention my discovery;
 meanwhile, you are welcome to mention yours!