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How do you do!    How - do - you - do ????

Recent studies continue to show that nutrition (what we eat) may (for example) help those who have experienced asthma attacks. Onions (as many other natural foods) help our bodies minimize inflammations. Natural sulfur compounds, activated by slicing an onion, are many times able to prevent the chain of chemicals that tend to lead to asthma attacks.



What if a person has asthma issues, but has an aversion to eating onions?

Which is worse – an asthma attack or an onion?

(not that onions help ALL individuals...yet nothing ventured, nothing gained)

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Fresh and Raw or Not at All

Can you imagine?
Neither can I.
Yet, there ARE considerations.

green onions in the sky

What if allowing 7-12 minutes before eating (or heating) a cut onion allows its anticancer properties to better engage? 

a what if line

What if overcooking an onion deactivates its phytonutrients? 

a what if line

What if cooking an onion at a high temperature destroys many of its enzymes?

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HOW can a significant amount of onion juice be obtained?

Initially, this seemed a logical question.
That was before paying close attention to the nature of an onion!

fresh onion juice

For small amounts of juice, simply grate and sieve a portion of fresh onion.  (Actually, some people prefer using their garlic presses.)   

juice use reminders

Remember: Onion juice soothes earaches; onion juice is a natural insect repellent; onion juice kills fungus; onion juice acts as an antiseptic for cuts and helps reduce bleeding; onion juice kills scalp bacteria and nourishes hair roots... and these are only thought-startes!

For larger amounts of juice, blenders or mini food processors are quite helpful.

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fresh onion juice12 Tips to Explore

Consider... reasons why these choices may be choices well worth the effort.

  • acne
       Add coconut oil. (similar qualities, plus guards against irritation)
  • asthma
       (too many possibilities to mention here)
  • bee, wasp, scorpion stings
       (helps prevent infection as well as draw out toxins)
  • burns
       (calms the pain, guards against blistering)

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Raw Onions? Or, no raw onions?

natural breath freshening peppermint

Raw onions can provide genuine dining pleasure.
Raw onions can provide a tremendous nutritional boost!

Often, individuals hold back for one major reason.
“But my breath!” can be a stopper.   

Natural breath freshening possibilities await.
Why not try one/some and/or explore for others!



Raw Onion Ring Salad — Yes, Salad!

Sure, most of us have seen salads with raw onion ringlets.

raw onion rings in salad

But, how many of us are familiar with raw onion ringlets comprising the main portion of the salad?

Indian cuisine typically includes a small portion of raw onion in the form of freshly sliced thin ringlets. Rings are particularly becoming, plus they're easy to fork.

What makes these freshly sliced raw onions a salad in the usual sense of the term? Discover the flavorful finishing touches! http://www.vegrecipesofindia.com/lachcha-onion-salad-or-onion-ring-salad/