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HOW can a significant amount of onion juice be obtained?

Initially, this seemed a logical question.
That was before paying close attention to the nature of an onion!

fresh onion juice

For small amounts of juice, simply grate and sieve a portion of fresh onion.  (Actually, some people prefer using their garlic presses.)   

juice use reminders

Remember: Onion juice soothes earaches; onion juice is a natural insect repellent; onion juice kills fungus; onion juice acts as an antiseptic for cuts and helps reduce bleeding; onion juice kills scalp bacteria and nourishes hair roots... and these are only thought-startes!

For larger amounts of juice, blenders or mini food processors are quite helpful.

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fresh onion juice12 Tips to Explore

Consider... reasons why these choices may be choices well worth the effort.

  • acne
       Add coconut oil. (similar qualities, plus guards against irritation)
  • asthma
       (too many possibilities to mention here)
  • bee, wasp, scorpion stings
       (helps prevent infection as well as draw out toxins)
  • burns
       (calms the pain, guards against blistering)

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