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How decoratively displayed are your meals? 

violet - one of the edible flowersSweet, wild VIOLETS offer beauty and nutritional benefits to meals.  DANDELIONS.  The same.  ROSES.  The same.  Happy are those who not only are aware of these facts, but also actively pursue landing some flowers on their plates.  Edible flowers abound.  Eating them freshly picked best satisfies some individuals, yet interesting cooking options are in no short supply.

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So Simple, So Sweet 

swirl metaphor image

An Onion Metaphor

Don’t allow the word "metaphor" to alarm (or bore) you. Remember...  A metaphor is a figure of speech that identifies something as being the same as some unrelated thing for rhetorical effect, thus highlighting the similarities between the two. Remember...  Rhetorical means that it is expressed in such a manner as to make a statement or produce an effect.

Therefore, allow this title and its link intrigue (and challenge) you.

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Mind Tricks

art of cooking onion colors

In a moment... Click on the following link. Examine the scope of the page to your heart's content. Then, temporarily tune out all of it except the featured photo. For me, such a double-take came automatically. One part of my mind registered mouth-watering, wonderfully-seasoned, well-grilled onion slices. Another part of my brain… Well, you try it.   

Grilled Onions

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tranquility added to salve

2-in-1 Recipe

Homemade salves vary.  Roasted onion salve, for example, is not one to refrigerate for future use.  It is best used sooner than later.  The salve-making process is somewhat lengthy, but there are times when one remedy does not work, so another is sought.  This is one of the recommended options.  Wash two onions without removing their outermost tunic.  Bake them. When they are cool enough to touch, peel them.  Choose a method to blend them into one tablespoon of blackstrap molasses, whether it be with a small processor or whatever.  Apply the salve to the sore you hope to heal.

Let's say...  With best intentions, you bake, peel, cream, blend, and present your salve to someone you care about, whose condition concerns you... but they take one look and do not care to use it.  Their loss.  Eat it as a snack.  It's yummy!

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savory onion muffin top border

Savory Onion.  No surprise.
Savory Onion Muffin.  Full of surprises.

If you will recall, two posts back, I mentioned using the pulp leftover from juicing – for muffins!  The actual recipe calls for the entire onion – juice and pulp – and is a fine example of using a flavorful, yet unusual, natural sweetener.  The recipe is nestled among other GAPS-friendly eating choices, plus much valuable family life info.


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