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How natural is your lifestyle?
Does the term “heirloom” hold an appeal’?
Are you familiar with Phil Nauta, the Smiling Gardener – organic all the way?

Several years ago, my semi-natural lifestyle led me to the Smiling Gardner.
Several months ago he, thus, introduced me to Heirloom Food Stories.
The first story: “The Onion”.

Gina Lorubbio, the author of “The Onion: Slow and Steady Brings Out Sweetness” (in one page) accomplishes much of what I have been attempting for several years.

See if you, too, CONNECT, both with the writer and the onions.

To date, Ms. Lorubbio’s Heirloom Food Stories include: the onion, the potato, rhubarb, and asparagus. Any day now the next one will be published/shared, and I await eagerly. There is a definite feeling of admiration and appreciation.

Are you curious?

So Simple, So Sweet 

swirl metaphor image

An Onion Metaphor

Don’t allow the word "metaphor" to alarm (or bore) you. Remember...  A metaphor is a figure of speech that identifies something as being the same as some unrelated thing for rhetorical effect, thus highlighting the similarities between the two. Remember...  Rhetorical means that it is expressed in such a manner as to make a statement or produce an effect.

Therefore, allow this title and its link intrigue (and challenge) you.


I wept.  You may also.  little sunshine onion

Yet, the pendulum swings.  After allowing my heart strings to be tugged by the onion metaphor, curiosity led me to further browse the site.  It held several onion-related tips and quite a few recipes, including one that offers a fun diversion from the ordinary. (assuming budget and health concerns allow for generous flexibility)


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Our First Story

Upon request by me, one of my family members wrote an onion story − simply whipped it out in a few minutes, called it "Onion Story" and left it at that. I tweaked the wording (no surprise to her), and now its official title is "Winks".

winks - onion story - border



I turned my attention from washing vegetables purchased at the market that morning to focus on my young son, Toby, whose brown eyes were lit up and big as saucers. My eyes dropped to the object of his delight, cradled in his small hands.

...continue reading

"How to Find Fortune"

An Onion Story CLASSIC onion story classic image

... as shared by Clotilde

... who in turn shares the source of the excerpt

... along with additional words of wisdom


Hope You Read This Fine Story!

onion treasure

Treasure can be found in the strangest places
...in the strangest ways.  
You have heard that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder?  
Might treasure be similar?