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Wasteful or Wise? table without leftover onion

In a land far away, there is a homemaker who often serves raw, thinly sliced onions. During meals, each family member is free to select what amount he or she wants… in a lettuce or cabbage wrap sandwich, added to black beans, or whatever the meal. At times there are leftover onion slices. Does she place them in the refrigerator to be used the next day? Does she enclose them in a plastic container with a tight lid? Does she enclose them in a glass container with a lid? What does she do with those leftover onion slices? She sets them in a glass bowl and positions that as a kitchen table centerpiece, where it generally remains until the next morning.


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What Is Onion Tea?

Onion tea is a nourishing choice, no matter what your state of health.
Onion tea is pleasantly (surprisingly) mild-tasting.
And, yes, onion tea is onion water.

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How Is Onion Tea Brewed?

Add a small peeled and diced onion to two cups of recently boiled hot water.  Steep the onions 20 minutes or until they cool.  Your preference.  Strain out the onions; eat them if you’re hungry, though part of the nutrients are now in the water.

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Who Drinks Onion Tea?

I drink onion tea!
Don't you?

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If an individual is actually suffering (from a burning sensation during urination), along with whatever other help-choice, serve this onion water.  If relief is not experienced using that proportion, try a second dose, this time using a medium-sized onion in your two cups of water.

This same onion water (onion tea of a sort) is also said to be helpful for the condition of urinary hesitancy.  One would drink the water on a regular and on-going basis.

 An alternate method of brewing onion tea exists.  This tea is rich golden-brown and packed with nutrients.  Maybe you can guess how it is brewed!  If not, keep browsing.  It's a treasure.

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