How do you do!    How - do - you - do ????

Studies (and common sense) indicate that nutrition (cell-nourishing food and drink) influences our well-being.  Onions (as many other natural foods) help our bodies minimize inflammations. Natural sulfur compounds, activated by slicing an onion, are many times able to prevent the chain of chemicals that tend to lead to asthma attacks.


What if a person has asthma issues, but has an aversion to eating onions?

Which is worse — an asthma attack or an onion?

(not that onions help ALL individuals...yet nothing ventured, nothing gained)

Just guessing here but...  Happy are those who, at the very least, experiment one time with one onion upon one threatened asthma attack.  Truly, that may be at a stage too late to make a difference, but... to TRY!

Not guessing here...  Even happier they will be if inhaling a freshly cut raw onion at such a time results in tears of relief and appreciation. (over-and-above the "standard lacrimal gland reaction")


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