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radiant onion (heirloom)How natural is your lifestyle?
Does the term “heirloom” hold an appeal’?
Are you familiar with Phil Nauta, the Smiling Gardener – organic all the way?

Several years ago, my semi-natural lifestyle led me to the Smiling Gardener.
Several months ago he, thus, introduced me to Heirloom Food Stories.
The first story: “The Onion”.

Gina Lorubbio, the author of “The Onion: Slow and Steady Brings Out Sweetness”, IN ONE PAGE accomplishes much of what I have been attempting.

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Threads of Onion; Threads of Poetry

Early in this “mindset onions” venture, a grand vegetarian website began to tantalize my senses.  Sure, the initial draw was this page dedicated to onion — oodles of onion thought-starters.   

Soon, the style of the wording began to catch my attention.  Notice, say, this seemingly simple statement: “How delightful is the addition of half-moon slices of sweet onions to a salad of crisp mixed greens!”

Perky graphics complement the poeticism.



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About Your Cutting Board...

Is it a wooden board?  Is it a glass board?  Is it a plastic board?  Why is it what it is.  In other words, why do you have that board?  For example, did your cutting board arrive in your kitchen as a gift, or did it arrive via an informed choice?

[Hopefully you have a cutting board.  Admittedly, I can remember the days when I did not.]

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