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Onion Bulb Selection and Storage

Common yellow, white, or red mature onion bulb SELECTION:

onion bulb selection and storage

If you enjoy messiness and waste, sure, go ahead and select the soft, partially-peeled, lop-sided, open-necked bulbs (with a sprinkling of black powdery substance for good measure)!

Otherwise, check…

Is the peel crisp, dry, thin, bright, shiny?
Is the bulb clean, tightly-closed, un-sprouted, well-shaped, firm?

  •     Dark powdery patches beneath the skin indicate mold.
  •     Open-necked bulbs tend toward thick and woods centers.
  •     Sprouted stems indicate agedness.

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Babies & Mamas

If mama eats onions, baby has experienced them before birth.
If mama eats onions, baby has experienced them while nursing.
If mama eats onions, why would baby not want to eat onions?

Of course there ababy food considerationsre common sense baby food considerations. For example, since onions may cause discomforting gas, initially blend only a tiny portion of cooked, pureed onion into a food previously introduced. Due to the sulfur content, you might want to make a game of the first time you offer a thin raw onion ring to your child as finger food – a “look what happens to my eyes when I hold this” kind of a game (stressing HAPPY tears) – or a “mmm, this is lip-smacking delicious” game where you exaggerate the lip smacking. Might you have carefully cooked a few ringlets and offered them…somewhere between the pureed stage and the raw finger food stage? It’s a thought! Many factors come into play.

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For who knows how long, the French province of Brittany has grown PINK onions. Early in the early 1800’s an enterprising Frenchman sailed over to England to widen his market. Hearing of his success, others followed. Both the French pink onions and the French onion peddlers became a treat in rural Britain. Essentially, the onions proved delightful. Nevertheless, those French peddlers, laden with the plaited onion tresses, also added a bit of spice to the lives of many an Englishman. ...continue reading


Live and Learn 

onion peels
typical onion peels headed toward the garbage pail

• Early reading proved to me that onions are truly valuable health enhancers.  

• Further reading led to the belief that the outermost onion layer is particularly valuable.  Therefore, in the "How Much" post, it seemed a favor to suggest that we not peel beyond the dry, protective portion of the onion peel.

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