Opinions are opinions. Facts are facts. But which are which? Ideas are offered for your thoughtful consideration.

Babies & Mamas

If mama eats onions, baby has experienced them before birth.
If mama eats onions, baby has experienced them while nursing.
If mama eats onions, why would baby not want to eat onions?

Of course there ababy food considerationsre common sense baby food considerations. For example, since onions may cause discomforting gas, initially blend only a tiny portion of cooked, pureed onion into a food previously introduced. Due to the sulfur content, you might want to make a game of the first time you offer a thin raw onion ring to your child as finger food – a “look what happens to my eyes when I hold this” kind of a game (stressing HAPPY tears) – or a “mmm, this is lip-smacking delicious” game where you exaggerate the lip smacking. Might you have carefully cooked a few ringlets and offered them…somewhere between the pureed stage and the raw finger food stage? It’s a thought! Many factors come into play.

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Live and Learn 

onion peels
typical onion peels headed toward the garbage pail

• Early reading proved to me that onions are truly valuable health enhancers.  

• Further reading led to the belief that the outermost onion layer is particularly valuable.  Therefore, in the "How Much" post, it seemed a favor to suggest that we not peel beyond the dry, protective portion of the onion peel.

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Wasteful or Wise? table without leftover onion

In a land far away, there is a homemaker who often serves raw, thinly sliced onions. During meals, each family member is free to select what amount he or she wants… in a lettuce or cabbage wrap sandwich, added to black beans, or whatever the meal. At times there are leftover onion slices. Does she place them in the refrigerator to be used the next day? Does she enclose them in a plastic container with a tight lid? Does she enclose them in a glass container with a lid? What does she do with those leftover onion slices? She sets them in a glass bowl and positions that as a kitchen table centerpiece, where it generally remains until the next morning.


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How much is too much?

No, not onions!  Who can have too many onions?  layer issues

Have you ever felt too busy to bother with carefully removing an onion’s sturdy tunic … and cut away … and tossed … yet another layer?

Have you ever felt squeamish about eating the initial onion layer, the one directly under the sturdy tunic, since it felt slightly tougher than the next layers?

Guess where many of an onion’s most helpful nutritional and medicinal compounds are located.  Yes! The layer that has absorbed the sun’s energy the longest!

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