Craft 2: Onion Skin Deco

We made three onion skin necklaces...

onion skin necklacswhich could also serve as wall hangings...

onion skin wall hangs


Many years ago I tied together what to me seemed an artful combination of small tree branches, twine, ribbons, dried thistles and whatnot, then hooked the display onto a wall in my living room.  It brought a welcome touch of the country to my apartment in town.  During the course of the following weeks, not once, but repeatedly, I was startled by a robin flying into the window pane.  The first time or two I felt so sorry for it.  As the days wore on, it became a bit of a trial, as there seemed to be no logical reason for such behavior.  I had mentioned the incidents to a friend, who seemed skeptical, as if I was imagining the frequency of that poor bird hitting the window pane.  Then she visited.  She, bright thing that she was, immediately recognized a connection between the bird and my wall hanging.   We removed that display, the enticing tidbits of ribbon and whatnot.  Peace returned.  While the wall hanging was a satisfying thing, the welfare of little robin truly meant more.

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