Discover (Which for you?)

A Win-Win Activity

Discover which works best for you...
a small onion, a small ball, an old shoe...
a large onion, a larger ball, an empty box, or WHAT?


child wearing sneakers for Discover 2Look around your living quarters or your yard or the park. Determine a route, as in "I will begin at this door, at the end of the hallway I will go around the coffee table, then around the kitchen table, and end at this door over here." Move your (onion or whatever) from the starting point to the end point, touching it only with your feet.

Yes, there are variables in shapes, weights and practice factors, but no competition is involved. Perfect your strategy simply for the fun of it!

It is a win-win activity... UNLESS you get too rowdy and the commotion disturbs someone or something gets damaged. SO TAKE CARE AS TO WHERE, WHEN, HOW. Discover and enjoy!

I am wondering if the box will be the easiest to control.  What do YOU think?

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