onion layers

When I suggest that someone's definition of onion might be "Thirteen Layers of TROUBLE!" of course I am exaggerating.  Yes, the perfectly developed onion bulb has thirteen layers... but what keep-onions-away-from-me person would know that, or care?

onion rings and or onion salad

When I suggest that Onion Rings and Onion Salad can be one in the same...  it's not like it's likely to happen.

onion peel in question

When I suggest we use our onion peels rather than waste our onion peels... it does depend on what peels are available.

onion on the brain

While I often walk around with 'onion on my brain', it is not like this. Nor do I truly put an onion on my nose – even though our first video is titled "Put an Onion on Your Nose".

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