Edible Flowers

How decoratively displayed are your meals? 

violet - one of the edible flowersSweet, wild VIOLETS offer beauty and nutritional benefits to meals.  DANDELIONS.  The same.  ROSES.  The same.  Happy are those who not only are aware of these facts, but also actively pursue landing some flowers on their plates.  Edible flowers abound.  Eating them freshly picked best satisfies some individuals, yet interesting cooking options are in no short supply.

edible flowers midway border

Edible Flowers: Onion Style

edible flowers - raw onion flower

Nutritionally speaking, the thought of a raw onion flower such as this one holds a fascination.  Realistically speaking, the thought of individually eating an entire raw onion flower such as this one seems somewhat overwhelming. 

One lovely-to-look-at, mouth-watering cooked onion flower option is described in the following video:

Whereas my "everyday" idea of decorative tends to be limited to quick-grabbing several whole radishes or raw red beet slices for color, if otherwise the entire meal is, say, an onion-egg-cabbage-blah-look, this woman easily succeeds in topping that idea.


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