Fresh Onion Juice

fresh onion juice12 Onion Juice Ideas to Explore

(choices that may be worth the effort)

  • acne
       Add coconut oil. (similar qualities, plus guards against irritation)
  • asthma
       (too many possibilities to mention here)
  • bee, wasp, scorpion stings
       (helps prevent infection as well as draw out toxins)
  • burns
       (calms the pain, guards against blistering)

onion juice color line

  • dandruff
       (kills bacteria, nourishes roots)
  • earache
       (2 to 3 warm drops)
  • fungal conditions
       (Onion juice alone should kill the fungus, but add lemon juice as a boost.)
  • grazes and cuts
       (antiseptic and helps reduce bleeding)onion juice color line
  • hair growth
       Massage into the scalp twice a week for two months.
  • insect repellent
       Smear some on your skin; insects do not like the smell.
  • itchy scalp
       (Follow onion juice with lemon juice to switch aromas!)
  • tinnitus
       (2 to 3 drops direct or via a piece of cotton wool)

skin sensitivity image
It's true; some skin is more sensitive than other skin.

WHY WAIT: Test Your Skin's Sensitivity to Onions

Now that you have read about using onions as an external remedy, begin by assuring yourself that onions are basically harmless to your skin in general.

Apply fresh juice − to a small clear area − for no urgent reason. Observe.

If your skin shows no reaction, when a situation arises that brings to mind an onion juice application, your comfort level toward experimentation may be enhanced.

yes we care - skin end image


of an array of onion juice uses