Honey Ginger Recipe

Simple.  Natural.  Effective.  Delicious.

Our Basic Onion Honey Ginger Recipe

cough visual2 parts fresh onion juice
2 parts honey (preferable organic and raw)
1 part fresh shredded ginger root

To reduce the likelihood of colds... swallow a spoonful three times a day.  If you need cough relief... swallow whatever amount seems appropriate. 

Tips & Options

• Add the pulp, along with the juice, after grating the onion.
• Add a portion of lemon juice and zest (grated peel and pith).
• Before swallowing, allow the mixture to absorb somewhat in your mouth.
• If you have slippery elm powder, that also optimizes the mix.


A Parmesan cheese grater similar to this one wonderfully provides lemon zest, grated ginger, and onion juice and pulp.

Side note: Much to my amazement, lemon juice and lemon zest sweetens plain natural Greek yogurt.  Possibly it is an acquired taste?


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