How much?

How much is too much?

No, not onions!  Who can have too many onions?  layer issues

Have you ever felt too busy to bother with carefully removing an onion’s sturdy tunic … and cut away … and tossed … yet another layer?

Have you ever felt squeamish about eating the initial onion layer, the one directly under the sturdy tunic, since it felt slightly tougher than the next layers?

Guess where many of an onion’s most helpful nutritional and medicinal compounds are located.  Yes! The layer that has absorbed the sun’s energy the longest!

onion peel colors

What have we here?
A place overflowing with onion info!
A place where the first paragraph describes the woes of "over-peeling"!

Fill in the blank:
______ not, want not.

onion colors 2


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