Jokes 3 (more Lillian Originals)

I have tried to think of another totally original onion joke. 

Why?  Was it because the other ones turned out funny?  Oops.  Maybe they missed the mark on funny.  Hopefully they at least caused you to THINK.  No?  Did you at least roll your eyes?

Here goes!

little sunshine onion  Question: WHEN WILL I BE IN THE MIDDLE OF A NO NO?




Answer: When I spell onion backwards!

 (O N I O N)    →    ( N O I N O )    →   (NO  I  NO)

onion jokes midway borderA follow-up question:

little sunshine onion  Question: WHY DO I NOT WANT TO SPELL ONION BACKWARDS?




Answer: I do not want to be in the middle of a no no! 

natural antibiotic ideaAnd I hope YOU don't want to be either!

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