Onion Johnnies

For who knows how long, the French province of Brittany has grown PINK onions. Early in the early 1800’s an enterprising Frenchman sailed over to England to widen his market. Hearing of his success, others followed. Both the French pink onions and the French onion peddlers became a treat in rural Britain. Essentially, the onions proved delightful. Nevertheless, those French peddlers, laden with the plaited onion tresses, also added a bit of spice to the lives of many an Englishman.

Tucked away in Brittany’s town of Roscoff is a small museum full of onion memorabilia, plus an individual who shares tidbits of the experiences and the hardships of those enterprising peddlers – those "Onion Johnnies" as they came to be called.


Brittany coastal image
Brittany coastal image

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