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Live and Learn 

onion peels
typical onion peels headed toward the garbage pail

• Early reading proved to me that onions are truly valuable health enhancers.  

• Further reading led to the belief that the outermost onion layer is particularly valuable.  Therefore, in the "How Much" post, it seemed a favor to suggest that we not peel beyond the dry, protective portion of the onion peel.

• Yet, it became increasingly difficult to visualize the initial semi-tender layer being significantly more power-packed than the basic-tender layers. 

onion peeling choices
LEFT: onion peel totally intact.................. CENTER: semi-tender layer...................... RIGHT: basic-tender layers

Can it be that an onion's power-packed outer skin actually includes its COLORFUL TUNIC?

Below are info links for your consideration.  Detailed scientific studies they are not, yet...

A particularly informative post:
(The nutrient/medicinal info follows a bouncy initial narrative.)


Additional valuable thoughts:



onion peels border

Update: Oops.  Forgetful me.  Even Gwen had this info.  Did you read it in "The Peelings", posted a while back?

onion peels border

It is not to say that the tender parts are not valuable. Truly they are. But, if you are desperately counting on those tender portions to fulfill your body’s need for flavonoids such as quercetin, think again.

onion peel line

little sunshine onion  One blog post commenter essentially asked those of us finding this info new and different, "Where have you been for the last 100 years?” I suppose my response to this would be, “I’ve been with the people raised to believe that refined white wheat flour and refined white sugar are foods...as in, a part of nourishing one's body.”

little sunshine onion  Yes, live and learn.  Onion peels (cooked within soups,  dried and ground into flour, or brewed into tea) are actually beginning to seem an appealing choice.

Cautionary reminder: 
Now-a-days one must balance basic factual information with organic considerations.

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    1. Lillian

      Post author

      From what I gather, that is a very good precaution. Apple cider vinegar would perhaps be healthier than white vinegar, but that might be as expensive as the organic onions would have been. I sometimes soak my onion skins, broccoli, and such in salt water. Is it a wise choice? I've been led to believe so, but may still need to learn more!


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