Photo Gallery 2

No Surprise!

For nine months now, everything I see or do has a tendency to relate to onions.  Here's the latest – an idea from a daughter with an ever-growing collection of captioned animal photos.

black bear cub
where my onion


(Photos in this post are not family originals; only the captions are originals.)



How many onions did you eat? I can smell your breath from here.



Are you sure there are no more onions in that field...not even little bitty ones?




jus curius bout WHO looksat unyun pikzurz





You must be joking. We were bathed and groomed and positioned ... to watch a video about onions? You must be joking.


Keep in touch. Ideas for onion videos are swimming in my gray matter.  Hopefully they will stay afloat and sail versus sink.

A six-months-plus, January 10, 2016 Update: Thanks, as usual, to friends/family, simple onion videos are beginning to appear.  Possibly you have already discovered them via the main menu?


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