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Excess Baggage?

ONIONS: natural wonder vegetable gifts of distinctionexcess baggage in question image

It is natural to be curious and wonder about things in the natural, such as vegetables. Vegetables are so special that we consider them to be gifts. Picture your life without them – to better appreciate the gift. Oft times one reads about gifts of distinction. The more you discover about onions, the better you will understand the profound nature of this distinction. The more one discovers about onions (as with many vegetables), the more he or she wonders – now an AWESOME wonder.

The paragraph above is a remnant from this site's original home page introduction (replaced by a simplified version).

For me, the paragraph brings a warmth, a heightening and renewal of appreciation. For some individuals... it may simply be nonsensical excess baggage!

butterflies for excess baggage
Excess Baggage? Yes, definitely. Yet, no definitely not. GRIN

excess baggage end line


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