Riddle 3

fun riddle challengeLet’s play the ‘I’m thinking of something’ riddle game.
The following hints lead to our latest mystery word.     (This riddle is more difficult than the previous two riddles.)

Hint #1:
Some plants have them; others do not.
Some grow wild; others grow under cultivation.

Hint #2:
One definition of the mystery word:
any plant that stores its complete life cycle in an underground storage structure

Hint #3:
When pertaining to onions, they grow in layers.
People often call the edible ones "root vegetables".

Have you experienced your “I know the mystery word!” moment yet?

Hint #4:
When pertaining to onions...
These pungent rounded portions are commonly called "onions"!

Is the “light bulb” within your brain glowing yet?  

If our mystery word remains illusive, keep reading! 

The following links offer basic, easy-to-read facts, complete with diagrams.



Also, each image below depicts our "word of the day".

riddle mystery word - bulb

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