fun riddle challengeLet’s play the "I’m thinking of something" riddle game. 

Hint #1: What happens when we cut onions is different than crying for being hurt, happy, or sad... though there is a similarity.

Hint #2: Cutting board. Onion. Knife. All in place. Ready? No! Goggles (barriers between that onion and those eyes) now in place. Yes, ready! Slice open those onion membranes. Poof – chemical reaction time! The air nearby becomes filled with sulfur. Notice the aroma… and hope the glasses keep your eyes from feeling they need to wash it all away... somehow.

Hint #3: Our mystery word rhymes with ‘dears'... which you are for reading this!

Surely you have guessed the word!

YOUR TURN. Consider developing a riddle containing a mini science or math lesson! Or, simply give some fun or interesting clues that cause people to be curious before they even have a guess.


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