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For who knows how long, the French province of Brittany has grown PINK onions. Early in the early 1800’s an enterprising Frenchman sailed over to England to widen his market. Hearing of his success, others followed. Both the French pink onions and the French onion peddlers became a treat in rural Britain. Essentially, the onions proved delightful. Nevertheless, those French peddlers, laden with the plaited onion tresses, also added a bit of spice to the lives of many an Englishman. ...continue reading

Have the stories been modified over the years? Have they been invented? 
Are they truly facts?  Who knows? No matter. All do provide food for thought.
  • Early Egyptians numbered over 8,000 onion-alleviated ailments.
  • Alexander the Great (356 – 323 BC) believed strong foods made strong bodies. Alexander fed his men onions to increase both strength and courage.
  • Before Olympic game competitions, Greek athletes consumed pounds of onions, drank onion juice, and rubbed onions on their bodies. Large quantities of onion were believed to enhance the body’s blood flow.
  • The Roman naturalist Pliny the Elder (23 – 79 AD) wrote of Pompeii’s onions and cabbages. In Pompeii “lowly onion vendors” were rejected from the fruit and vegetable vendor guild. Consequently, they formed a guild of their own!

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