Too Silly To Be True?

too silly image


Each X marks a spot where onions might help. 


True, thousands of X's are missing.        



Eat them.  Yes, eat onions.

Most of us desire to glow, in one manner or another.  Imagine a glow that begins on the inside, radiates to the outside, and is topped by a satisfaction resulting from "Delicious!"  By the way, if you have not previously browsed our Onion Orbit page, maybe now would be a good time for you to visit The Composition Positives.

Juice them.  Yes, juice onions.

No, I don't mean you will necessarily need to drink onion juice to be healthy...though the thought is worth serious consideration.  I do mean that onion juice is surprisingly versatile as to its range of potential.  It is a key ingredient in many homemade cough syrup recipes, an option for soothing relief from a bee or wasp sting, a great mosquito repellent...  Well, never mind that.  Possibly you would prefer to eat a clove of garlic.  Then again, maybe you would prefer mosquito bites or chemicals above smelling like garlic or onion.  To each his own!

Simply cut them.  Yes, simply cut onions.

Sulfur is the major chemical culprit that permeates up through the air and oft time reaches your eyes, thus often causing the flow of reflex tears.  And do you know what is good about that?  Well, it is no fun to have a speck of sawdust or a gnat in your eye, right?  Can you think of a less abrasive way to flush such a thing out of your eye?  It is no fun to have a nose full of congestion, right?  Can you think of an easier way to eliminate a portion?  More seriously, when we eat onions, our bodies benefit from the sulfur (along with antioxidants and other nutrients).  Sulfur.  What do you know about sulfur?  (ADDITIONAL INFO)

Returning to the thought of "Too Silly To Be True?"...
Our first video is titled "Put An Onion On Your Nose".

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