Unusual Uses

Most people are aware that onions provide a versatile food choice.  Perhaps less people are aware that onions serve as "household wonder workers".

And you?  Do you use onions to help with varied tasks of life... or do you simply eat them?

Quite an array of unusual uses for 'humble' onions can be found when one searches the thought.  Following, are thought-starters.

Onions can be used as natural medicines in our homes.

peel pulp and juice

Allergy, Asthma, and Athlete's Foot RELIEF
Earache and Sore Throat REMEDY
Sting and Burn SOOTHER
Smelling Salt

Onions can be used in our homes, yards, and gardens.

peel pulp and juiceCloth DYE
Bug and Caterpillar REPELLENT
Car Windshield Frost PREVENTION
Rust, Scorch, and Paint Smell REMOVAL

Several Ideas Expanded:

10 Beneficial & Unusual Uses for Onions


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