Word Challenge 4: Kitchen Motto

Our kitchen motto ideas will not surprise you.

kitchen motto

(Onion breath rates higher than no breath.)
(Place emphasis on determination and creativity...and we are fabulous cooks!)

Your turn!
You may prefer to promote avocados or coconuts, asparagus or broccoli, kale or seaweed. Who knows! You may want to make a point about who does what and who doesn’t do what in the kitchen. Who knows! Your kitchen motto, hopefully, will be one no one anywhere has ever used. Try one, or try some.

If the motto you share is to the best of your knowledge your own creation, mark it as ‘original’ or ‘my motto’ or such. If you share a motto that you like, but you did not create yourself, fine. Many of those are fun to read. Please, simply let us know ‘to share with you’ or ‘read this, liked it, sharing my find’ or such. 

Thanks !

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